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With the LH you benefit from an extremely functional, effective and flexible measuring machine that is reliable and easy to operate.

The success of our coordinate measuring machines is based on a proven holistic concept consisting of first-class mechanical engineering, intelligent software and accessory options and a comprehensive service package.

Stable, reliable and fully dynamic, the LH is a universal and flexible measuring instrument for a wide range of applications. With the current generation of air-bearing bridge machines, WENZEL continues the progress in precision, efficiency and longevity. With its revolutionary design, the LH impresses with high mechanical accuracy, perfect ergonomics and increased dynamics.

The Wenzel LH line comes in three models - Standard, Premium and Premium Select - to allow you to find the perfect CMM to meet your needs!

Why Wenzel?

Manufactured with German engineering, Wenzel produces all their own components and are assembled by Wenzel to factory specifications prior to applying any software compensation. This affords the ultimate in quality control.

Translation? A very rigid, granite-based platform designed for an extended, stable life. Because of this, Wenzel CMM’s have achieved some of the lowest cost of ownership and longest (true precision) duration of use CMM’s in the industry.

The Wenzel range is one of the most complete in the world and includes Bridge, Gantry, and horizontal arm CMM systems. Learn more about our granite story here.

As a family-owned business, Wenzel’s customer service is second-to-none. Coupled with the knowledge and support of the local Fox Valley Metrology team, rest assured that you will have the support you need over the lifetime of your product.

Wenzel has integrated the complete range of Renishaw Probe heads, including REVO, PH20, PHS, and PH10 and all of the Renishaw Probes, accessories and tool changers. They also offer the best prices on Renishaw Probes and styli in the country.

Wenzel offers choices of CMM Software to suit your CMM inspection needs and also software for point cloud management and reverse engineering.

Learn more about Wenzel here.

Precision Matters

Give your precision measuring equipment the care it deserves today.