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Faro Gage

Performing inspections with traditional hand tools is time-consuming and creates clutter on the shop floor. The Gage FaroArm transforms the process, allowing machine shops and small production lines to meet even the most demanding quality specifications with one efficient, sleek, rugged coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The Gage FaroArm portable CMM sets up in seconds and delivers precision measurements for quick comparison against nominal CAD data. 

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Boost Productivity

  • The Gage allows manufacturers to work faster and
    smarter, delivering better quality products and a significant
    reduction in measurement and inspection time

Improve Efficiency

  • Minimize rework and scrap, ensuring maximum confidence
    in products and processes
  • Use right on the shop or production floor and eliminate
    bottlenecks in the inspection room
  • Inspect the part while it is still on the machine
  • Reduce the number of tools and instruments required
    to complete the job
  • Generate repeatable inspection programs with
    automatic reporting

Increase Quality and Reliability

  • Gage allows users to stay ahead of the competition
    with better quality assurance
  • Advanced metrology device delivers
    unparalleled performance
  • Tested under extreme conditions to ensure reliability
    in challenging industrial environments

Maximize ROI

  • FARO’s most affordable measurement arm
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use with minimal learning curve
  • Catch defects sooner and deliver parts faster
  • Exceptional warranty, low maintenance costs

Working Volume of 1.5 m (4.9 ft)

  • 20% more reach than the previous-generation Gage
  • Ideal for small parts, molds, and assemblies

Multi-Probe Capability

  • FARO iProbes compatible
  • Kinematic quick-release probes with automatic recognition
  • No need to re-calibrate when changing probes
  • Multiple probe sizes and length options to choose from

Internal Counterbalancing

  • FARO’s patented internal counterbalance technology
  • Allows for single-hand, fatigue-free operation

Ergonomic Design

  • Comfortable handle with simple 2-button operation
  • Lightweight for easy transportation and setup
  • 6 points of articulation provide exceptional reachability

International Standard

  • Compliance with the rigorous ISO 10360-12
  • International standard for acceptance and re-verification
    of articulated CMMs

Universal Quick Mount

  • Compatible with a wide range of mounting options
  • Magnetic mounts, vacuum mounts, tripods
  • Offers real setup-where-you-need-it convenience

Temperature & Overload Sensors

  • Allow the Gage to sense and react to thermal variations
    and improper handling for maximum accuracy

Powerful Software Options

  • Comes standard with one year of FARO’s CAM2
    probing software
  • Works with FaroArm compatible 3rd party software

Extended Battery Use

  • Single or dual hot-swappable battery operation
  • Continuous cable-free operation without external power
  • Setup on-machine; where the part is made

High-Speed Wireless Operation

  • Cable-free operation
  • Inspect wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology


  • FARO CAM2 2018 is the world’s smartest 3D measurement platform and the only metrology software in the market that delivers on the strategic goals to always offer the best integrated FARO hardware experience, intuitive workflow and insightful reporting.
  • Alignment
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • CAD-Based Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • Incoming Inspection
  • In-Process Inspection
  • On-Machine Inspection
  • Part Inspection
  • Final Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Tool Building & Setup


  • Part inspection and certification, alignment, tooling & mold certification and reverse engineering


  • Tool building & certification, alignment, part inspection, and reverse engineering

Metal Fabrication

  • On-Machine Inspection, First Article Inspection, Periodic Part Inspection

Molding / Tool & Die

  • Mold and die inspection, prototype part scanning


  • Certification, alignment, tooling, part inspection, and reverse engineering


  • Certification, alignment, tooling, part inspection, and reverse engineering

Toy Manufacturing

  • Certification, alignment, tooling, and part inspection

Physical Specifications

  • Measurement Range:  4.9 ft (1.5m)
  • Weight:  18.0 lbs (8.2 kg)
  • Operating Temperature:  50ºF to 104ºF (10ºC to 40ºC)
  • Operating Humidity Range:  10-95%, noncondensing
  • Power Supply:  100-240 VAC; 47/63Hz

Measurement Accuracies*

  • Single Point Articulation Test:  0.0005 in (0.012 mm)
  • EUNI:  0.0009 in (0.022 mm)
  • PSIZE:  0.0003 in (0.007 mm)
  • PFORM:  0.0006 in (0.0005 mm)
  • LDIA:  0.0009 in (0.024 mm)

*In accordance with ISO 10360-12

FARO Gage FaroArm Overview

FARO CAM2 Software Overview

Accurate as a CMM - Faster than Hand Tools

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