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Around the Web - December 10th

The holiday season is in full swing and Fox Valley Metrology doesn't want you to miss a beat. Each week we pull together the leading news in the quality industry so you don't have to. This week there are some exciting new trends in the headlines as well as the 2020 Manufacturing Outlook. Let's take a look

• Quality control is a top priority in many industries. Find out how thermal imaging is gaining ground to help detect flaws that are not visible, control heating methods, and much more.

• Upgrading inspection methods is sometimes costly but necessary. However, one company found the payoff to be more than worth it. 

• Next, AI is being talked about now more than ever. ISO is developing more standards that will help expand AI in various industries.

Finally, take a glance at what the manufacturing industry experienced in 2019 and what we can look forward to in 2020.

Thermal Imaging for Quality Control

A thermal imaging camera can make infrared light visible

Portable Scanning Arm Outpaces Traditional CMM Inspections

Challenging opportunity for aerospace manufacturing

How to Unlock the AI Promise

Standards under development seek to make AI practical for more settings

2020 Manufacturing Industry Outlook

2019 recap and 2020 future

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Jane Curran

Jane, a 2002 Graphic Design graduate from UW-Oshkosh, has been sharing her marketing and design strategies with companies for over 15 years. Joining the Fox Valley Metrology team in 2015, her primary focus was rebranding Fox Valley Metrology in addition to working closely with the sales team to bring new ideas and help pave new paths for the company.

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